Professional counselling in Rockhampton

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Our counselling services help our clients recognise and manage their emotions so they can live happier and healthier lives. Dr David Gentle offers counselling for a variety of issues to help individuals, couples and families overcome bad habits, develop positive thinking and strengthen personal relationships.

Friendly services to meet your needs

Dr Gentle’s counselling services are designed to help with a variety of issues of varying degrees. The disorders he deals with include depression and anxiety, eating and sleep disorders, addiction problems, anger management, relationship issues, phobias and more.  

All emotional and mental issues of any level or degree are of interest to us. We provide a safe zone for you to express yourself and work through your stress and worries. Come visit a therapist who cares for your wellbeing and will start you on the right track to relief and recovery.

Personalised services to meet your mental health needs

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Still not sure if you should come in for a visit? Give us a call and describe your condition. We are happy to offer advice and help you find the therapy you need.
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